Can’t wait to share what this space will become! It’s going to blow you away and be amazing! Stay tuned… details coming soon! The SandPeak Realty Real Estate Development Team is staying busy!


Bring the Experts to Your Table:

  • Site Selection: There could be tax advantages at one location over another. Locations with access to a major highway could save your company money and make your company’s name more recognizable.
  • Zoning and Environmental Issues: Once you have found the perfect location, our team can help you navigate through these issues.
  • Project Planning: When your development requires multiple buildings, we can help you determine the order in which your buildings should be built.
  • Financing: We can walk you through the options and show you how today’s decisions impact your bottom line in the future.
  • Design and Real Estate Analysis: Our project teams combine experienced professionals in various disciplines providing you with access to the necessary expertise to make educated decisions

Financial Analysis


SandPeak Realty can help you navigate through the financial complexities of your project, highlighting available alternatives and offering our experience and expertise in selecting the course that works best for you and your business. We look at the total picture and help you understand how the real estate decisions you make can affect your business now, and in the future.


Property Analysis


Property analysis provides the research necessary in order to come to the best conclusions about an identified site. Understanding the many different factors that impact a location, from zoning regulations to soil issues provides you the information necessary to make good business decisions.


Master Planning


Master planning is a means to create an overall rational plan for a project, as opposed to an organic development which may result in adjacent incompatible or inconsistent uses.


Site Acquisition


Once a site is identified for a particular use or project, and a property analysis is performed, site acquisition is the process of purchasing the site.


Years of Service

When you contract with SandPeak Realty you will quickly notice that it isn’t what we do that makes us so different. It is how we do it. Real Estate. Real Development. Real Service. (Testimonials) Real Simple.